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RFP for 50MW Solar Power Plant by DA Surya Shakti 4.3

RFP for 50MW Solar Power Plant by DA Surya Shakti 4.3 zip

======= Update : 4.4

The EMD Asked in format of Bank Guarantee and Non Refundable Payment is not to be Paid on Bid Submission Time.

The Payment Schedule for the Selected Vendor Will be According to Vendors Satisfaction Norms (Pro-Rata Basis Preferred) .

The Whole 50MW Project Should Be completed till Dec 2012.

====== Update : 4.5 ( 31-1-2011 )

The important thing which we are going to look in epc player is :

1: how much they are experienced ? Experience in suggested technology for us ? Installed capacity ? Years of running solar plants ? Because we ( and even the whole of our country players ) are not experienced for this much bigger plant.

2 : What will be their service after sales ? Specially looking on , what are their warranty terms ? What are their non performing equipments replacement policies ? And the life cycles of the equipments.

3 : What will be their performance ratio along with degradation ? which will result in form of units generation numbers table of 25 years.

4: The mind changer formula which can be applied to select the vendor or epc player is : how much they are co-operative to the firm now. Which will be the best way to judge , how they will be in future.

Note : the door for receiving new bid is open too. But chances for the first comers are bright.

====== Update : 4.5 ( 12-2-2011 )

RFP is Closed

For More Updates See Investors and News Section , Final EPC Player Selection Date is 4th June.

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