Local Stakeholders meeting for CDM project

DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited (DASSSPL) is setting up a new project activity which will help in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere and hence control climate change. Under the project activity, a Solar Photovoltaic power project of Capacity 50 MW in Pokharan district of Rajasthan is going to be setup.DASSPL would like to undertake this project activity as Clean Development Mechanism project under the Kyoto Protocol (the details of the mechanism is available at www.unfccc.int and will also be available at the venue and time of the local stakeholder meeting). DASSSPL, as required by the protocol under the Clean Development Mechanism, would like to understand the concerns and opinions of the stakeholders at the outset. This will help to address to any issue of the local stakeholders and help DASSPL to improve in its contribution to sustainable development.

The local stakeholder meeting will be convened at Pokhran from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM. on 22nd August and 23rd August 2011.

All interested employees, community members, regulators and others are requested to attend and contribute. In case, you are not able to attend but would like to obtain information and inform your concerns and opinion, you may do so by contacting in person or by e-mail or by phone or fax.

Name : Mr. Danish Lambe
Designation : Managing Director
Address : Office No. 31, L1, Dewan Centre, SV Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai – 400102, Maharashtra
Phone : 022-26778644
E mail : info@da-ent.com
The Schedule and Agenda of the Local Stakeholders Meeting is as follows:
•	Election of the Chair of the meeting and approval of the proposed Agenda
•	Presentation of the Project to undertaken
•	Presentation of the CDM-Kyoto Protocol and role of local stakeholders
•	Discussion and Articulation of concerns
•	Chair summarizing the local stakeholder concerns
•	Vote of Thanks

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