What is EGG?

Energy Generating Glasses” hereby called EGG is the technology that will be capturing the Real Estate in the near future by surprise.

When EGG are Applied into a building during construction, the incremental costs of the system are reduced while the building owner is provided with tangible, cost-saving advantages such as significantly reduced demand for peak electricity, reduced transmission losses and the ability of back-up power.

EGG buildings are self-sufficient as they generate their own electricity rather than only consume energy. And also provide shade, insulation and help to control the interior climate.

Though upfront costs are higher than traditional glass facades and have to be imported due to no manufacturing facility in India, companies can claim Accelerated Depreciation in initial year of minimum 80% of the entire cost of putting up the complete EGG system which includes, cost of EGG, associated products like aluminum, sealant, gaskets etc, Labor cost and all additional costs relating to the installation of the EGG.