Tree Transplantation and Preservation

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Tree Transplantation and Preservation is a complex undertaking, requiring very specialized skills and techniques. Saving mature specimen trees is of real value from aesthetics, instant gratification, and environmental impact standpoints.

We have the staff with the necessary expertise to prepare, dig, move, store, replant, and, most importantly, nurture transplanted large trees to give them the best chance to thrive in the new location.

Transplants of most trees require hand digging and the use of heavy equipment before preparation of the root ball.

Works on one site Started, a milestone achieved

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DA Surya Shakti Services Pvt. Ltd. (DASSSPL) have formed a joint venture partnership with Rays Power Experts Pvt. Ltd. (RPEPL) to develop mini solar projects starting from 250 KW and start some project on ground on immediate basis.

Mr. Danish Lambe, Managing Director of DASSSPL has stressed that this is an opportunity for small investors to enter this very lucrative market and cash in on the Alternative Energy space , and take benefits more securely than investing in other deposit schemes.He also mentioned that they have earlier also worked with Rays and have availed of their services for Suryavath.

Mr. Rahul Gupta, Managing Director has expressed his desire to work with DASSSPL and said that they have already started 1Mw project in Bikaner Rajasthan utilizing DASSSPL technical capabilities and epc along with Rays experienced team, people can come and “see the project running on ground” and invest after satisfaction.

RPEPL and DASSSPL are aiming at attracting individual investors, and they will provide them with a one window solution comprising of registration, land allotments, EPC of the plant, energy sales etc.

The investors will be part of a solar generation cooperative scheme and will be given the option of setting up their plants in Bikaner or Pokhran, wherein RPEPL and DASSSPL have land secured.

Mr. Lambe said that these kinds of projects are much more feasible and dont need huge upfront payments which are required of multi mega projects.

Project SURYAVATH in five (5) phases.

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Project SURYAVATH, which is a 50Mw solar project in the process of coming up in Pokhran, Rajasthan will now be developed in five phases of 10Mw Each in different SPVs.

The project will give a chance for multiple EPC players to bid and commission this project. Every phase of 10Mw will be an SPV on its own, which means the project company will have five (5 semenax magicsexlife com) SPV’s. This makes it easier for the developers DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited to work with different partners and financial closure of these project phases becomes easier.

Every SPV with its own EPC partner will bring in its own expertise to the project, and the projects can start simultaneously and commissioning of the project will be much quicker.

Reported by Chairman of the company Mr. Mubarak.



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DA Surya Shakti Services Pvt. Ltd achieved accreditation to ISO 9001-2008 and MS ISO 9001-2008 and has been assessed and found compliant with MOODY INTERNATIONAL and is ativan addictive STANDARDS MALAYSIA. The company has been certified for “ASSEMBLY OF SOLAR PV MODULES FOR SOLAR POWER PROJECTS” and is valid until 11th December 2014.


DA Surya Shakti has signed a PPA with Mittal Processors Private Limited (MPPL), for 10 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy in India!

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, January 20, 2012 — DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited (DASSSPL), announced that it has signed a power Offtake agreement (PPA) with Mittal Processors Private Limited (MPPL), for 10 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy. The project is the first independent PV project developed by DASSSPL, referred to as Project “SURYAVATH” registered under the wholly owned subsidiary Multi Sun Power Private Limited. The project will be located and commissioned in Pokhran, Rajasthan – India.

DASSSPL will develop, own and operate the solar project with MPPL offtaking the power generated under a 15 year PPA, with another option for 10 years making it a 25 year PPA. Construction is anticipated to begin this year and commercial operation is expected within 3 months, subject to timely completion of the interconnection. The project will generate approximately 17, 00,000 annual units of energy production.

MPPL will have a further right of the makers of viagra sued by plantiffs refusal to offtake the balance and sign additional PPA on similar terms of the complete 50MW SURYAVATH project. MPPL will also have the first right of refusal to secure PPA for all future renewable projects of 450MW which are in planning stages.

We are pleased to partner with MPPL in support of their renewable energy growth plan,” said Danish Lambe, Managing Director of DASSSPL. While DASSSPL is fairly new Greenfield Company, it has attracted global interest in their project. Developing projects in a cost-effective way and with an acceptable tariff, is vital for us to further expand our solar activity in a meaningful way.

In addition to development in Rajsthan, DASSSPL will expand its presence in other sources of renewable energy fields,. where it expects to move from the regulatory process to the project development stage for an additional 500 MW of solar PV power generation.


DASSSPL signs an Insurance agreement with ALLIANCE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd

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With the Greetings of Ramzaan Eid and Ganesh Chaturti Festivals ; DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited is happy to announce that it has signed an Insurance agreement with ALLIANCE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. for project SURYAVATH, a 50Mw Solar Power Plant that is to be built in Pokhran, Rajasthan.

Project SURYAVATH will be completed by end of December 2012.

ALLIANCE Insurance Brokers have been selected as the Insurance partners for this project due to their very innovative products, co-operative nature, excellent quotes, minimum exclusions and much more.

Mr. Danish Lambe, Managing Director of DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited has expressed his desire to work with ALLIANCE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd in the future for other projects. Mr. Danish also thanked Mr. Tapas Nandi and Mr. Sagar for their Professional co-operation , prompt action and Friendly Nature.

“Surya Urja” in Pokhran , Jaiselmer , Rajasthan

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DA Surya Shakti Services Pvt. Ltd. Organized the Local stakeholder consultation meeting to discuss stakeholder concerns on proposed Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for their project SURYAVATH, a 50Mw Solar Power Plant which will be built out of Pokhran, Rajasthan.

The meeting was held at the site at Pokhran on 22.08.2011 at 10.00 a.m. and was attended by the local dignitaries, local stakeholders and also the representatives of the project company DA Surya Shakti Services Pvt. Ltd, represented by Mr. Danish Lambe, Managing Director – DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited and Mr. Athar Walile, Technical Director – DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited. Other attendees to the meeting included Mr. Sahil Wali, Manager – EcoCapita Ltd.

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The meeting commenced with Mr. Abdul Karim, President, Didaniya Village Panchayat, presenting with a few words about the project and acting as Chairman for the meeting. The chairman also approved the agenda for the meeting. Further details and impact of the project was presented by Mr. Sahil Wali, of EcoCapita who provided a brief on the CDM project cycle and the role of local stakeholders. The participants were briefed about the Kyoto Protocol and mechanisms there-in. The presentation was based on CDM and need for the project under this mechanism to catalyze sustainable development. Mr. Athar Walile, Technical Director, DA Surya Shakti Services Pvt. Ltd. outlined that the local stakeholders concerns are to be internalized in any project under the Clean Development Mechanism of Kyoto Protocol.

Subsequently, Mr. Danish Lambe provided a brief on the project, elucidating the likely environmental and social impacts of the project. Mr. Athar Walile, Technical Director enumerated the salient technical and environmental features of the project and how this Solar Power project would reduce GHG emissions.

The Chairman encouraged the participants to seek clarifications on the project, its environmental and social impacts. Participants were also given further time to go through the project documents that are made available at the site of the meeting. The chairman invited the participants to voice their concerns regarding environmental herbal viagra, social, economic, institutional, cultural impacts of the project and seek any clarifications.

The prominent quotes that were delivered during the meeting in progress were as follows:

“What we need from the local people is to make maximum use of solar power, be in terms of solar lanterns, solar cookers, solar streetlights etc… and not for the promotion of our or any other company, but should be only for the clean development of the country, the community and the individual himself. The local authorities should apply this to the government, and the government is ready to give these as incentives to the individuals.” By Mr. Danish Lambe, Managing Director of DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited

“Many Sarpanch and the Gram Sevak responded that: many companies have come to Pokhran, as their renewable projects are based here. We even don’t know what a solar street light is….. And none of the companies had shared this knowledge, the way DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited has approached us with this information.”

“As compared to other projects there are negative impacts to the environment but in solar we can assure that there won’t be any negative impacts on the environment, which can be guaranteed 100%.” Said by Mr. S. D. Singh , official.

“In Rajasthan it would be difficult to get skilled labor, but the abundance of unskilled labor will be available. But, the project company should guarantee the employment of these unskilled labors and should be hired only locally.” Said by Mr. S. D. Singh , official.

All members suggested that the job’s preference will be first given to Panchayat Level, Tehsil Level, and then finally Zilla Level. Mr. Athar Walile, Technical Director from DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited, accepted the suggestion and agreed to give job preferences to locals first.”

There were lots of queries from locals which were satisfactory replied by Mr. Athar Walile and then suggestions and inputs from many experts and professionals surfaced, which are not covered in this brief. But all these have been covered and published by the local print media.

Local Stakeholders meeting for CDM project

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DA Surya Shakti Services Private Limited (DASSSPL) is setting up a new project activity which will help in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere and hence control climate change. Under the project activity, a Solar Photovoltaic power project of Capacity 50 MW in Pokharan district of Rajasthan is going to be setup.DASSPL would like to undertake this project activity as Clean Development Mechanism project under the Kyoto Protocol (the details of the mechanism is available at and will also be available at the venue and time of the local stakeholder meeting). DASSSPL, as required by the protocol under the Clean Development Mechanism, would like to understand the concerns and opinions of the stakeholders at the outset. This will help to address to any issue of the local stakeholders and help DASSPL to improve in its contribution to sustainable development.

The local stakeholder meeting will be convened at Pokhran from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM. on 22nd August and 23rd August 2011.

All interested employees, community members, regulators and others are requested to attend and contribute. In case, you are not able to attend but would like to obtain information and inform your concerns and opinion, you may do so by contacting in person or by e-mail or by phone or fax.

Name : Mr. Danish Lambe
Designation : Managing Director
Address : Office No. 31, L1, Dewan Centre, SV Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai – 400102, Maharashtra
Phone : 022-26778644
E mail :
The Schedule and Agenda of the Local Stakeholders Meeting is as follows:
•	Election of the Chair of the meeting and approval of the proposed Agenda
•	Presentation of the Project to undertaken
•	Presentation of the CDM-Kyoto Protocol and role of local stakeholders
•	Discussion and Articulation of concerns
•	Chair summarizing the local stakeholder concerns
•	Vote of Thanks