Experience & Track Records

Initially Mr. Danish Lambe (Current Managing Director) & his team started of into the consumer solar market and soon realized that India is not yet ready for this development, whereby these individuals concentrated their efforts in the main stream markets of Industries. They were immediately accepted whereby they came up with an unique business model for the Telecom sector. This is already working in many other countries, but for India it is entirely new.

The need of the hour was to establish a firm which can provide the customers with a one stop solution to all their solar needs be it consulting, installation, commissioning etc…..That is how DA SURYA SHAKTI SERVICES PVT. LTD. came into existence. Then We Associated Experienced Solar Engineers, Marketeers, Investors with company to execute the projects smoothly, Now, we have proven a record that has run for over years, we have used a unique process to make sure our solar energy installation gets to the top standards for a quality. Our specialization in education, municipalities, corporations, affordable housing, commercial real estate and utilities

Our unique products can use be used for a very best, mono and polycrystalline silicon, Thin Film PV modules, Charge controllers remote monitoring technologies, ballasted and penetrating racking systems, and inverters.

Solar Contractor License & Certification

DASSSPL Solar holds Solar Contracting licenses. We are one of the few companies in the industry that is both an approved professional engineering firm as well as a contractor. These certifications, and the experience we generate, gives us the opportunity to deliver a total suite of solar energy services to our clients.